Pencils for All is a charity, with its roots in education, born out of my passion as an Early Years Educator. For many years I have traveled to different countries during my holidays to work as a volunteer in nursery schools, primary schools, children’s homes and hostels. I have been to India (2008), Tanzania (2009), Venezuela (2009), Uganda (2010) and Kenya (2011).

During my trips I have discovered that often children do not have the basic resources such as crayons, pencils, note books and drawing paper. These resources are the tools that all children need to be able to develop their fine motor and imaginative skills and to express themselves through drawing.

The experience of working with the poorest children all over the world has prompted me to establish the non-profit organization – Pencils for All. This organization was established on the 7th October 2011 and provides educational resources to care and educational establishments in the Third World Countries.

The aim of Pencils for All is to help supply vital educational resources to aid development in care and educational settings throughout the developing world.

Iwona Macalka